Hello Everyone!
I think I have talked personally with most of you about the December 16, 2017 event, but here are more specific logistics:
We are joining the Redeemer Church youth choir (conducted by the renowned Ann Moe) on Saturday. December 16th at the Senior residence hall The PInes.  We will meet there at 2:00 for tuning and will play (and sing) in an informal performance for 30-45 minutes.  After this we will all go to the various floors and resident rooms to bring musical cheer to those who could not make it downstairs.  We will be done at approximately 4:00pm.  Please wear Christmas/Winter holiday dress.
Please verify via email that you received this message and will be able to attend.  I have already received almost all positive answers with only one person so far who cannot attend.  I don’t have to tell you what a great opportunity this is for the students do giver back to their community.
Here are the logistics for this coming Saturday’s musical event:
Where:    The Pines Residence Homes, main entrance
               1501 North Orange Avenue
When:     2:00 for tuning
              2:30-4:30  performance
Wear:     Holiday clothes
              suggestions:  red and green, Christmas trees, Santas, Holly, elfs, etc.
Bring:      violin, music, singing voices
              holiday cheer, generosity, smiles, and gratitude
Thank you!

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