Developmental Benefits of Daily Practice

Silly Saturday: Developmental Benefits of Daily Practice

How can we have a silly Saturday and at the same time notice the developmental benefits of practicing every day? Well, this is the last entry on my list of the benefits of practicing every day. I have saved the most
important one for last. All that I have written in the previous blogs on this topic are, in my opinion, worthless without joy and fun. So HOW we do our practicing is paramount.

As adults, do we expect our children/students to do what we command?  Do we tell them what we are assigning is “good for them” and therefore should, even MUST be done, and done MY way? Oh, we have all seen those adults who think good parenting and good teaching is making certain that the young person develops all the strengths listed above. But what at what cost?

It is my experience that children today are born with strong wills. This is a good thing, is it not? They have a lot to survive. But what are we here on this planet for? Is it to survive and live comfortably? Or is it to contribute our unique gifts to others while enjoying the experience? I believe that studying an instrument can be one of the best ways to enjoy life. Children love to learn, if it is on their terms. It is our responsibility to enjoy this process with them before we add “our way” of doing it.

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