Holiday Practice Challenge

Going into the holidays creates a greater challenge for daily practicing. When routine is interrupted, inertia works against us rather than for us when we have a set schedule. Although we may be filed with good intentions, the holiday for some of us offers more space to do what we want (if we are off from work, for example). OR it can also be a busy time for the adults who are doing their best to juggle random and spontaneous schedules. Plans fly out the window. Travel happens, guests arrive.

Does the violin get practiced? How, where, and when? Do we have the courage and desire to tell relatives and friends we will be gone for a half hour or so to practice? Will our friends and relatives support our decision, or will they feel hurt, abandoned, and disrespected? How can we prepare them and ourselves? When we are doing the traveling, are we willing to find space on the airplane to have the violin be one of our prized carry-ons? (By the way, children should carry their own violin!) Have we communicated ahead of time to those we are about to visit? Will they understand that even though we are guests, we still need a place and time to practice every day? How important is practice to us? Where does it fit in our priorities?

Practicing over the holidays need not be difficult. The challenge is really the same as it is during non-vacation times. How in control of our lives are we? Do we live by the seat of our pants, or do we make things happen?

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