Magical Monday: Nurtured by Love

Magical Monday: Nurtured by Love

Shinichi Suzuki (my hero!) said so many wonderful things to us for the sake of the world’s children. When ever I feel discouraged in my teaching or with a student, I am brought up short by his unwavering faith in humanity’s children. In his book Nurtured by Love he wrote: “I did not hurry, but I did not rest either. I endeavored ceaselessly. And it gave me both peace of mind and something to live for.”

This came out of the devastation at the end of World War II when he looked around and wanted to give hope to the earth’s children. Some people are so determined. I am encouraged by their stories. Likewise, the families in my studio inspire me, too.

Their stories are both serious and funny. The more I know about them, the more determined I am to help them in their struggle to accomplish the daily practice necessary to learn something in depth, in this case the violin. Once I was talking with a non-musician friend. She was asking me about the Suzuki parents in my studio who I expect to practice daily with their children. Many of them are parents who have high-powered, daunting, time-consuming jobs. Her response was: “I think the Suzuki experience is not for the faint of heart.”

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