Practicing Every Day

Yes, I did it for the whole week of Thanksgiving! Yay Martha! Thank goodness I left my violin hanging on the wall to my office rather than in its case in the closet!  3 nights ago, at 11:52pm, I went into my office to shut down my computer. I was in my pjs, already brushed my teeth, and turned down the bed. I looked over on the wall, and almost fell on the floor. I had forgotten to practice that day, but I had 8 minutes to do something. My partner knows my commitment to daily practicing and that I have a lot of “every-days’” accumulated, so she was only supportive, even though she was on her way to bed, too. I put a mute on my violin and played scales, arpeggios, harmonics, octaves, chromatic scales, and thirds. Yes! That was a close call, but even the short practices are worth a lifetime of progress…sometimes it’s the little ones that count the most!!

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