Psychological Benefits of Daily Practice

Thrilling Thursday: Psychological Benefits of Daily Practice

To me there are an infinite number of benefits psychologically that happen over time from the experience of daily practice:

  1. Our relationship with time is forever improved and changed. We find out that no matter what the new day brings, there is always enough time to practice. Some days our practice may be long and some short, but the point is, they happen, and we KNOW they WILL happen.
  2. The conversation among others around us (“There is simply not enough time!”) disappears. We become observers when we hear others complaining about their schedule and all the pressure of being “too busy!”
  3. We learn how to organize, and on many levels. For example, we not only must plan when our practice will happen, but this approach spreads to the rest of our day, since the day is connected. Today is me. I am ready, and I am in control of my activities because I choose them. It doesn’t matter whether I have a day at work, school, or unstructured time. I still must choose each moment I live.
  4. Eventually we learn gratitude for our abilities to “get things done.” We know that when we commit to something, we mean what we say. Whether it is “Yes, I will do that”, or “No thanks that’s not for me right now…” is genuine. People can count on us. We have integrity; our word is true. Most importantly, we can count on ourselves.
  5. Our relationships with others tend to be healthy, since like attracts like. Reliable people seek us out, enjoying the safety in others who, like ourselves, mean what they say and who are grateful. Our friends and colleagues are joyous people with a high level of motivation. Together, we live generously rather than selfishly. We create goodness together making the world a beautiful place.

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