Stories of a Suzuki teacher…

Hey! Those of you who are my age probably remember the Art Linkletter Show, one of the earliest shows on television. It was called “Kids Say the Darndest Things!” It was wonderful. Some days I feel like Art Linkletter when I return home and tell kid stories about what was said to me in a lesson.

The latest one happened the other day. Four year old Nairobi (sister of six year old Nahla who is my student), comes right up to my face and says, “Do you have a Daddy? (keep in mind I am 73 years old and haven’t had a live daddy since 1989). I was flummoxed, and said something like “No, my daddy isn’t around anymore.” So then she asks: “Do you have a Grand Daddy?” I say, “No he isn’t alive either.” She looks at me for the longest time, (thinking about this great revolution about two feet away from my face), and then goes “Huh!” And walks away. (What was that all about??) The more I think about it, the more it makes me laugh. 4-year old Silas keeps me chuckling, even during times of stress. He LOVES people, makes instant friendships, and cannot hide his joy when he attends group class. One day early on, his dad was running late, and Silas came into the room 10 minutes into class. This didn’t bother me at all…we just kept right on playing the piece we were working on together. Seeing that the class had already started and wasn’t stopping for him, Silas collapses onto the floor, shouting and crying: “Wait, wait, wait for me! You can’t start without me! Why did you start without me?” There ensued the most exquisite 4-year old temper tantrum I’ve witnessed in a very long time. Naturally, everything stopped suddenly for a moment. If took all the self-control we had to not burst out laughing. Needless to say, they’ve never been late since.

Have I not got the best job EVER??

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