Suzuki Training is Parent Training

I find it interesting that one of the most common sayings among Suzuki teachers is “Suzuki training is parent training.” Lately I’ve been thinking about this in a slightly different way, in a perhaps more practical way. Emotional and psychological approaches are important for parents and teachers in order to know what works bests for each child. We must understand specifically the unique way the child in front of us prefers to learn. This will always be at the heart of being effective. We want to build a healthy, positive relationship over a time, hopefully a long period of time. In addition, when parents come to lessons, we teachers hope they will model what we are doing in the lesson when they return home to work with their child on the instrument. I have always felt that when parents leave the lesson, I should have given clear, concise, positive, and kind verbal and written instructions to make certain the home practice is productive and fun. In this day of technology, it is also good for the practicing parent to video the lesson, without interfering with the personal one-on-one dynamic.

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