Families agree to the following:


· In the Suzuki Approach, parent participation is necessary in order for the student to be successful.  Therefore, a parent must be at all lessons, both private and group.

·The parent agrees to practice daily with their child(ren) at home and to set up a daily regime of music listening as requested by Martha.

·Parents do not need prior musical education in order for their child(ren) to be successful.

·Parents agree to work creatively toward scheduling a private lesson during a time of day when their child(ren) is not tired.


Each student shall receive a weekly private lesson and a weekly group class.  Both of these formats are required, since each teaches different skills.
Private lesson lengths are:

–   30 minutes  Book 1

–   45 minutes  Books 2 and 3

–   60 minutes  Book 4 and above


Performing for a musician is a high experience!  Suzuki students learn at a very early age that to play for others is a generous act and one unlike any other for practice motivation. Audiences are picked to expand students’ comfort zones.  Playing for other children, senior citizens, and those less fortunate are all audience target areas. All concerts which are set up with reasonable and adequate advanced notice are mandatory.  Absences weaken the whole group.

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