Suzuki Violin and Viola Teacher Training

One of the greatest strengths of the Suzuki Approach is the high level of training available to interested teachers.  The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) has a rigorous application process every teacher must go through to be designated a trainer of teachers for the SAA.  The SAA web site tells teachers the requirements for enrollment in Suzuki training courses on a specific instrument as well as details about how to become a trainer of teachers.

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As designated SAA teacher trainer for all the 10 violin books as well as books 1-3 on viola, Martha currently offers individual apprenticeship training one book at a time.  She also offers an internship for anyone wishing to get hands on experience and feed back in their teaching.  The training experience includes:

Thorough exploration of the Suzuki philosophy

Intense, hands-on training for each piece in the Suzuki Repertoire

Careful study of how to perform and teach techniques at all levels
Ways to work with the very young child
How to have a successful partnership with the parent
Parent education
Group and private lessons
Teaching music reading
Observations of a master teacher

Martha has been training teachers in the Suzuki Approach for over 3 decades.

Contact Martha:
(941) 705-9058
(503) 430-7228

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